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6 Anime on Netflix You Have to Watch

Ben Spear | 16 Sep 2015 15:00
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4: Mushi-Shi

Synopsis: The narrative structure of this Anime, unlike the others I have recommended, does not really have an overarching story, but is more like an episodic anthology. Mushi-Shi chronicles the travels of Ginko as he moves through Japan in a faux era taking place sometime between the Edo and the Meiji periods. Ginko is researching Mushi (bug demons) and helping people who have been infected by these bug demons.

Why it`s on the list: What makes this Anime series worth the watch is its imagery, the quality of the animation and Ginko`s deep commitment to understanding Mushi, his field of study. It is his "calling"; his submersion in it is both informative and us makes us more curious about these bug demons. The Imagery in this series is absolutely beautiful, specifically the landscapes. The lands that Ginko travels in are full of rich lush forests of wonderful colors such as verdant greens, luminous greys and Tuscan browns. Town images are equally exquisite: they are full of life and quiet energy. The film's animation has a fluidity rarely seen. We can virtually see the wind; the characters move with the grace of dancers, the trees sway rhythmically, and the furthest backgrounds are fully animated, finally emancipating perspective from its traditional passive imagery. Everything is constantly moving, never still, never standing still in time but always moving with time.

That's not all that makes this anime worth watching. Ginko's deep intellectual commitment to understanding Mushi, and the ways in which the film express that commitment is wonderfully done. He is always studying and learning more. The series does this without being condescending to the audience; it assumes that we understand and that we are curious. There is no "dumbing down" that we too often see in popular anime. Combine all of this wonderful imagery with the curiosity of an intellectual at work and a great soundtrack, and we have one of the greatest anime tales of all time.

You can watch Mushi-Shi on Netflix here.

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