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6 Anime on Netflix You Have to Watch

Ben Spear | 16 Sep 2015 15:00
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5: Inuyasha

Synopsis: Inuyasha is probably the most traditional anime on this list. It's about a human girl, Kagome, who is dragged back to the Sengoku period and, with a half demon, half human hybrid at her side must find the shattered shards of a magical Jewel. She must do all of this before the shards of the magical jewel are found by Naraku, a truly evil demon. Along the way, they meet colorful characters who help in their search and others who want the shards of the jewel for themselves. Kagome must routinely time-travel from her own time period, which is modern Japan, where she is a student, back to the Sengoku period, where she faces the daunting and very dangerous task of finding the shards.

Why it`s on the list: Although the story by Rumiko Takahashi is a wonderful one and quietly comforting in its simplicity, that is not why this Anime is on the list. Rather it is the complex and poignant portrayal of Kagome's and Inuyasha's human emotions that resonate so deeply with its audience. Kagome is a fully realized human character; like in a Murakami novel, not only does she have to address the mundane problems of how to keep up her studies at school while also crossing the boundaries between ancient and modern Japan, but she also has to confront the vagaries of love and the power of evil on her journey. All these feelings that she has are human, complicated and universal. Falling in love often results in confronting fundamental contradictions, between social groups, families, social classes, a modern life or maintaining a traditional life style. Kagome and Inuyasha must each decide what world they are part of. For Kagome, will it be the Sengoku period or the secular and modern era? And like real people whose love evolves from initially deep animosity, she must recognize and rationalize her own feelings about Inuyasha. Inuyasha, like Kagome is in a similarly conflicting situation. For Inuyasha, will it be life as a full blooded demon or as a human? He will be stuck in either case. Combine the drama of these human emotions with good animation that has scenery reminiscent of medieval Japan and this Anime is necessary Netflix viewing.

You can watch Inuyasha on Netflix here.

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