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Which Overwatch Character Should You Be Playing?

Ian Cheong | 20 Nov 2015 14:15
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Blizzard's new team-based FPS Overwatch revolves around the strength and attributes of its individual characters and what they bring to the team. Thus far, 18 characters are playable, with three more confirmed for release before the game is out next year. Beyond that, who knows?

The cast of Overwatch ranges from gun-toting mercenaries and war machines to scientists who use experimental technology to aid their allies. All of these characters serve one of four class roles and contribute to the overall makeup of the six-player team. Each character has a distinct look and style of play, providing players with plenty of opportunities to master specific ones.

With that in mind, we've put together this guide to offer a breakdown of the four class roles and each of the game's currently playable characters, so you'll know just what to expect when you head into the game.

Know Your Role

Offense: If you plan on taking the fight to the enemy, then you should play an Offense character. These glass cannons have no problem getting around and specialize in delivering massive amounts of damage to the enemy team.

Defense: Defensive characters specialize in locking down choke points and preventing the enemy team from pushing forward. They're no less capable than their Offensive counterparts in killing enemies, but their strengths lie in their ability to defend objectives effectively.

Tank: The tank role is filled with beefy characters capable of absorbing or deflecting damage that would otherwise kill anyone else. They can protect their allies from incoming enemy fire and are absolutely crucial in leading any push towards objectives.

Support: Support characters boost the effectiveness of their team through heals, damage buffs and debuffs and offer a variety of support abilities. If you want everyone on your team to love you, this is your jam.

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