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BioShock: A Pick Your Path Adventure

Evan Hoovler | 28 Sep 2011 17:00
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"Come in Apollo"

"10-4" you answer, your voice squeaking in a gender-neutral kind of way.

"We've got you in a holding orbital a few miles up. We're going to triple-check things down here, then manuever you in for a landing."

"Roger. 10-4. Over and out."

You switch off your microphone before Houston can respond. The whole reason why you took the assignment was to get as far away from stupid bosses as possible. Well, that and the opportunity to walk on the moon. Long ago you decided that if you couldn't be the first to walk on the moon, you would be the first to walk on the moon twice. You gaze out of your shuttle's window, at the surface of the moon, strikingly bright at this distance. You are the only person in history who is seeing a familiar view.[/b]You missed being the first on the moon by a year. But sequence doesn't matter, all that matters is standing on the lunar surface, and giving the finger to the entire Earth one more time.

"We've got a few hours, captain," squeaks one of your fellow astronauts. You pause, trying to remember her name. All you can remember is that she's the one who constantly states extremely obvious things.

"This lunar mission has gone well so far," she continues, "I can't wait to collect all of those moonrock specimens as instructed." She shrugs. "What should we do, now?"

- Celebrate by drinking champagne

- Celebrate by taking a shower

- Celebrate by standing absolutely still

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