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8 Cancelled Games We Still Want to Play

Ron Whitaker | 13 Jun 2017 15:00
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Star Wars 1313

There may have been a lot of games at E3 in 2012, but the one everyone was talking about was a new Star Wars title. Star Wars 1313 was set to tell the story of bounty hunter Boba Fett's early adulthood in the city of Coruscant. The game took place in an underground area of the city known as level 1313. After some gameplay footage was shown, excitement ramped up for the game, and its Unreal Engine 3 visuals were shown off again in a number of developer diaries. Unfortunately, The Walt Disney Company's acquisition of LucasArts led to all internal game development being halted, and at the end of 2013, Disney chose not to renew the game's trademark.

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