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8 Cancelled Games We Still Want to Play

Ron Whitaker | 13 Jun 2017 15:00
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Gotham by Gaslight

How do you cancel a steampunk Batman game? I don't know, but apparently ill-fated publisher THQ did. Based on a one-off DC comic written Brian Augustyn and Mike Mignola, Gotham by Gaslight has Bruce Wayne living in 1889, and on a tour of Europe. After returning home, he's framed for a murder and imprisoned in Arkham Asylum. After some detective work, he deciphers who is responsible, escapes from the asylum, and tracks down the man responsible. The game was slated to be developed by Day 1 Studios (developers of F.E.A.R.), but was cancelled after THQ failed to secure the rights. You can see Gaslight Batman, Joker and Catwoman in DC's Infinite Crisis.

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