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8 Game of Thrones Mods that Take You to Westeros

Ron Whitaker | 22 May 2017 11:25
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Editor's Note: Since we should all be about 4 episodes into Season 7, maybe this will help sate your bloodlust for the next two months.

Game of Thrones is more than a fictional series. At this point, it's a part of our culture. Fans want to go beyond the books and TV shows, and video games has them covered. Today marks the release of Telltale Games' Game of Thrones Episode 2: The Lost Lords, but once you've finished that, we've rounded up eight mods that can take you right back to Westeros to get your Game of Thrones fix.

A Clash of Kings (Mount and Blade: Warband)

This Mount & Blade: Warband mod includes all of Westeros and the western part of Essos. It packs in 21 unique factions, each with custom facial features, hairstyles, and clothing. More than 1000 items are available, including many armor pieces from the TV show. Gather your army and ravage the countryside: Looting, pillaging, sacking, and more are all here. The beta test for the 2.0 version is underway now, with the latest ModDB update posted just over a week ago.

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