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8 Space Games to Take You to the Stars

Ron Whitaker | 5 Feb 2015 15:45
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Space: The final frontier. Well, not exactly. Video games have been going to space almost since they were invented, and these days the offerings are more varied than ever. If you want to visit the stars, these eight games will not only take you there, they'll let you fight, build, and conquer as well.

Elite Dangerous

Elite: Dangerous is more than just a space piloting simulator - it's got combat, exploration, trading and more under the hood. Funded on Kickstarter, the game officially released in December of 2014. You'll start out with a spaceship and a bit of money, and then go forth to make your way however you choose. You can be a space pirate, a trader, or a bounty hunter, just to name a few options. The game includes roughly 400 billion star systems, with 150,000 or so taken from real-world astronomical data, so you'll need some time to explore them all. There have been a few server problems since launch, but at last report, things were running smoothly. You can grab Elite: Dangerous at the official site.

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