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8 Historical Moments that Deserve a New Video Game

Ron Whitaker | 11 Feb 2015 14:30
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There have always been historical video games. Some of them have been great, some have been flops, and some just never get played. But history is a great source, and there are some moments that deserve a chance (or a second chance) at video game immortality. These are those moments, and we've even detailed the games we'd like to see made about them.

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Special thanks to The Escapist's co-founder Archon for his assistance with this list.

Building the Pyramids

There are plenty of video games about building things, and there are games that even include building monuments. But what if there was a game about monuments to you? That's the pitch here. You're an Egyptian pharoah, and you have to manage your kingdom, keep your citizens happy, and build the most impressive monuments to yourself and your reign that are possible. Think of it as Pyramid Tycoon on steroids.

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