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8 Games with Amazing Voice Acting

Ron Whitaker | 13 Feb 2015 14:00
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Voice acting is a huge part of video games. A great voice acting performance can bring a character to life and make it believable, while a poor voice acting performance can suck the life out of a game. These eight games epitomize the best that voice acting has to offer, as chosen by the awesome members of The Escapist's community in this thread. There were so many great suggestions it was hard to narrow it to eight, so make sure you share your favorites in the comments!

Special thanks to Escapist community member thejboy88 for creating the thread!

The Metal Gear Solid Series
First mentioned by: WhiteFangofWar

"Snaaaaaake!" There are so many great performances in the Metal Gear Solid series, it's hard to know where to start. How about David Haytar's masterful performance as Snake, Jennifer Hale as Naomi Hunter (and Emma Emmerich), Paul Eiding as Roy Campbell, and Patrick Zimmerman as Revolver Ocelot, just to name a few. Throughout the series, the cast has had a major effect on the games, and their voices are instantly recognizable, whether it's Haytar's gruffness or Christopher Randolph's higher pitched Otacon. If you want to see all the voice actors that have been featured in the series, you can check out this list.

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