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8 Video Game Movies You Can Safely Avoid

Ron Whitaker | 17 Feb 2015 15:00
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Video games would seem to be a fertile source for movie ideas. After all, both are creative endeavors, and some crossover is inevitable. Unfortunately, video game movies haven't been the most successful projects, and that means that over time, they get even less funding. That can lead to some pretty poor efforts. These eight movies head the list of those sub-par films. Believe it or not, less than half of them are by Uwe Boll.

House of the Dead

I remember my first thought when I heard that a House of the Dead movie was in the works. It was, "How the hell do you make a full-length feature film out of a light-gun game?" It turns out that you just wing it and make most everything up. Lots of zombies invade a planned rave, and there are plenty of guns and silly fight scenes. Add in a big bad guy who's injected himself with immortality serum (but somehow still gets killed), and you've got all the ingredients for the mess House of the Dead turns out to be.

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