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8 Video Game Easter Eggs You Should Go Find

Ron Whitaker | 19 Feb 2015 14:00
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Video game Easter eggs used to be fairly rare. A hidden room here, a secret level there, and maybe a designer's name or picture tucked away for you to possibly find. Nowadays, games are littered with them, whether they're subtle pop culture references, or entire levels that pay homage to something outside the game. These are eight of our favorite Easter eggs in recent memory.

You're sure to have a favorite, or to have found an obscure one I haven't seen. Tell us what it is in the comments!

Aliens: Colonial Marines
Easter Egg: Hello, my baby

Aliens: Colonial Marines might have been a stinker of a game, but they got at least one thing right: a cool Easter Egg. In the mission "One Bullet," enter the laboratory. There you can find a containment capsule that holds a small straw hat and a cane. Later in the level, you'll find two chestburster specimens who are actually wearing that getup. If you're a Mel Brooks fan, you should remember the scene from Spaceballs where the chestburster explodes from John Hurt's chest and makes a classy exit. It's based on the classic cartoon "One Froggy Evening" by Chuck Jones.

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