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8 Video Game Mounts You Love to Ride

Ron Whitaker | 27 Feb 2015 16:40
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Videogame mounts aren't just a snazzy way to get around. They're companions, status symbols, and even weapons. No matter what games you play, you probably have a favorite mount, and our community is no different. In this thread on The Escapist forums, our community detailed their favorites, and those favorites inspired this gallery.

Special thanks to Escapist community member The Almighty Aardvark for starting the thread!

Battle Nugs (Dragon Age: Inquisition)
First mentioned by -Ezio-

This Nuggalope mount is fairly simple to acquire for Dragon Age: Inquisition players. Simply visit the merchant Deraboam in Val Royeaux (found on the top floor), and purchase the "Mystery Box." It'll set you back 10,000 gold, so come with some cash. Once you pick it up, you'll get a new War table operation called "The Big One?" Finish that, and you'll have five Nuggalope mounts in the stables at Skyhold fully equipped for battle.

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