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8 Board Games for Video Gamers

Ron Whitaker | 3 Mar 2015 16:15
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There's a lot of overlap between the videogame and board game worlds, but there are still plenty of video gamers who haven't taken the board game plunge yet. While board games might look like a daunting hobby, there are plenty of titles that would make video gamers feel right at home. These eight are just some of them.

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Twilight Imperium
Best for: 4X Strategy fans

Thousands of years ago the galaxy was ruled by the Lazax from their centrally-located capital of Mecatol Rex. After centuries of decline, their empire fell, and the Lazax were seemingly exterminated by their enemies. Now, it is time for a new emperor to arise and unite the galaxy under a single race's rule once again. It may sound like the plot of Mass Effect 4, but it's actually the backstory for Twilight Imperium. Packing in a semi-random tileset of the universe that serves as the board, tons of units, trade, diplomacy, and more, Twilight Imperium somehow manages to capture the complexity of a 4X title in a board game.

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