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8 Amazing Video Game Trailers

Ron Whitaker | 13 Apr 2015 15:30
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For most of us, the first look we get at a new game is through the promotional trailers. Sometimes those trailers get us excited, and sometimes they don't. These eight trailers didn't just show us new games, they promised new experiences and captured the attention of gamers everywhere. Some of the games might not live up to what they promised, but the trailers were still amazing. While it was very hard to narrow this list to eight, the games listed here certainly qualify.

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Fallout 3

When Bethesda acquired the rights to create games in the Fallout series in 2004, and subsequently purchased the rights to the entire franchise in 2007, there were plenty of of gamers who were skeptical of the idea of the Elder Scrolls developer creating the next entry in the post-apocalyptic series. To combat this, Bethesda needed to both show off their idea of the game's aesthetic, while also demonstrating that they were prepared to do justice to the history of the series. In just over two minutes, this teaser trailer accomplished both of those goals, showing off the game's signature power armor and Bethesda's vision of the wasteland.

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