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8 Games Kojima Should Make Now That Silent Hills is Cancelled

Ron Whitaker | 27 Apr 2015 16:00
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Over the weekend, some tweets and comments made the rounds that seemed to indicate that Silent Hills has been cancelled, and today, Konami confirmed it. Kojima's status at the company is still up in the air, but if this is the end of his time at Konami, he's going to need something to work on. Instead of being depressed about the cancellation, we decided to think about what the next project could be. There's a bit of a horror bias, since that's what he was working on, but new games in these eight game series could be super interesting with Kojima at the helm.

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Resident Evil

The Resident Evil series has had an up-and-down history, but it's definitely got a well developed world and story. Add in Kojima's penchant for expanding on such things and his ability to craft a deeply involved plot, and you could have one of the most engaging titles in the series yet. Kojima rarely gives you all the answers in any game he makes, which would be a great fit for the Resident Evil series.

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