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8 Superheroes Who Deserve Their Own Video Game

Ron Whitaker | 28 Apr 2015 15:30
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A Daredevil game was planned in 2004, but it was cancelled before coming to fruition. Now with Netflix's new Daredevil series, and our new Good Bad Flicks detailing what was great about the 2003 movie, it's time for Matt Murdock to make his debut in his own videogame. A Daredevil game would have to embrace Murdock's blindness and embody it in the same way the 2003 film did, necessitating the creation of an echolocation mechanic used to see the world around you. The character's signature billy club could be the basis for an entire upgrade system. Finally, a melee combat system similar to Arkham Asylum's would round out what could be a great superhero title. We could even work in some courtroom scenes, just for kicks.

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