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8 Gratuitously Awesome Star Wars Starships

Justin Clouse | 4 May 2015 18:00
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While Jedi and discussions about lightsaber crossguards have come to dominate much of Star Wars as of late, let's put the Star back in Star Wars with some kickass starships. Granted many of these no longer technically exist with the previous Star Wars Extended Universe being dissolved into Star Wars Legends, but they are still awesome designs and some Legends content might make it back into being canonical.

Eclipse-class Super Star Destroyer

What's better than a plain old Star Destroyer? How about a giant Super Star Destroyer with a psuedo-Death Star superlaser? Oh and paint it black too, just to make sure it's more menacing.

The Eclipse is essentially a followup to the Executor Star Destroyer that's seen in the films, remember the ship that gets rammed by the A-Wing and nose dives into the Death Star II? While it was intended for the Eclipse to well eclipse the Executor in size, contradictions end up putting it being a little shorter. Though it's still a massive beast at 17.5 kilometers bristling with 500 turbolasers and 58 Tie squadrons, among other weapons. Further contradictions plague the exact power level of the Eclipse-class's superlaser. It was not as powerful as the Death Star's outright ability to destroy a planet, but it was plenty capable of cracking the planet's surface and would certainly vaporize any other capital ship that blundered into range.

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