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8 of the Coolest Total Conversion Mods Ever Made

Ron Whitaker | 9 Jun 2017 14:00
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Defense of the Ancients (Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos)

If you've somehow managed to never hear of Defense of the Ancients (seriously, where the hell have you been?), it's the mod that birthed the MOBA genre. Developed using the World Editor for Warcraft 3, DotA quickly became more than just a mod. It was featured at the first Blizzcon in 2005 and tournaments around the world since then. Not only was the game extremely popular, it spawned many of the MOBA titles we see today. In fact, the author of DotA Allstars, Guinsoo, went on to help create League of Legends. If you're into MOBAs, you should certainly go back and see where it all stared, with Defense of the Ancients (and also its predecessor, Aeon of Strife for StarCraft).

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