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8 Awesome Military Inventions, Past and Present

CJ Miozzi | 12 Jun 2015 15:00
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Military tech is often far ahead of what civilians see and use. For example, the GPS system we all use to find our way around was first launched by the military in 1978. Like GPS, it can take years for this tech to find its way into wide usage. These eight examples of cool military tech through the years include weapons and other cool devices.


It's basically a gun that shoots around corners.

In service since 2003, the CornerShot is actually an accessory on which you mount a weapon - be it a semi-automatic pistol, an "assault pistol rifle" that fires 5.56 mm ammo, or even a grenade launcher. The CornerShot has a hinge that allows it to bend horizontally - and thus point its killing end around a corner. An LCD monitor on the accessory's "butt" end displays the live feed captured by a high-resolution digital camera attached to the barrel in a bayonet position, allowing the operator to see around the corner - and fire without being fired upon.

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