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8 Ridiculous Rules From the New Warhammer Age of Sigmar

Jonathan Bolding | 6 Jul 2015 18:05
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Dwarf Longbeards

Always one of the more flavorful units in the fantasy Dwarf army, Longbeards are the oldest of the warriors... and they took that theme pretty far with the new rules.

Old Grumblers: In your hero phase,
you can complain about something in a
suitably Dwarfish manner. For example,
the hardships you endured when you were
younger, how the youth of today don't
respect their elders, how expensive beer
is etc. If you do, this unit of Longbeards
will join in and you can pick one of the
grumblings listed below. The effects last
until your next hero phase.

'I thought Dwarfs were made of
sterner stuff!'
: Roll a dice each time a
Dispossessed model from your army
flees whilst within 8" of this unit; on a 5
or more that model stands firm under the
Longbeards' stern gaze and does not flee.

'Who does this beardling think he is?':
Dispossessed Heroes from your army
within 8" of this unit in the hero phase can
use their command abilities even if they
are not your general.

'Goblins are weedier these days!': You can
re-roll wound rolls of 1 for Dispossessed
models from your army that are within
8" of this unit when they attack in the
combat phase.

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