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8 Awesome Entries in Our Hatfall Contest

Ron Whitaker | 13 Jul 2015 15:30
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As you should already know (and if you don't, click THIS LINK and go enter, you fools), we're giving away one kick-ass PC gaming rig in our contest celebrating the release of Hatfall, the new game from Zero Punctuation creator Yahtzee Croshaw. Since the contest requires you to post a picture or video of you playing Hatfall, we figured we'd share some of our favorites we've seen so far.

Seriously, go enter!

Playing in the Club
From user Daniel Saitta on Facebook

With the mobile version of Hatfall widely available, you really can play anywhere. If you don't believe us, just look at Daniel's picture. We remain unsure as to whether the aluminium foil improves your scoring, but we are willing to perform further testing.

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