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8 Disappointing Videogame Endings

Ron Whitaker | 23 Jul 2015 16:30
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The way a videogame ends will color your perception of it forever. A great ending can make an average game seem amazing, and a poor ending can make an awesome game feel mediocre. Whether you like these eight games or not, you can't deny their endings were very disappointing.

We're talking about endings here, so there will be spoilers!

Alan Wake

Alan Wake was a great game - one that almost felt like you were playing through a Stephen King novel. The entire game built a sense of drama and dread, but when the ending rolled around it left us all wanting an explanation. You defeat the darkness only to have a guy in a diving suit show up and tell you that you can't leave the house because your evil twin is out messing up your life. And that's it. No explanation, no closure, and no resolution. It was so disappointing.

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