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8 Great PC Survival Games

Ron Whitaker | 13 Aug 2015 15:30
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The survival genre has became extremely popular of late. Games that drop players unarmed and barely clothed into a large world seem to be popping up all over these days. Some have zombies, some have dinosaurs, and some just have other people. Whatever the enemy might be, if you're a fan of the survival genre, these eight games are definitely worth checking out.


Although Minecraft is often seen as a LEGO-like building game, it's actually the game that jump started the flurry of games in the genre that we've seen in recent years. You're alone (mostly), and you have to start from scratch and survive in a hostile world. You'll build a shelter, gather resources, and even equip yourself with arms and armor. Toss in the almost countless mods you can use to customize your experience, and you've got a survival masterpiece.

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