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8 4X Strategy Games that Every Gamer Should Play

Ron Whitaker | 23 May 2017 11:12
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Editor's Note: Having been quite impressed with Endless Space 2, I decided to hop in the 4x way-back machine. The newest entry being Endless Legend, the fantasy 4x under the Endless banner.

4X strategy games have been around for years. They're typically complex titles that ask players to not only manage military units, but also to handle economic and technological advancement. You can also expect diplomacy options and some micromanagement to be required. If you can maintain your attention and keep up with your ever-expanding empire, you'll find 4X games to be quite rewarding. If you want to try one out, we humbly recommend one of these eight stellar examples of the genre.

Warlock - Master of the Arcane

This Paradox Interactive-published 4X game casts you as a Great Mage, tasked with leading their faction to victory. You can choose from the human, monster, or undead factions, each with unique units and buildings. While the gameplay is similar to Civilization, it's set apart by the presence of portals that allow you to travel to Underworlds, which are other maps with unique resources. It's a great take on the 4X genre, especially if you're into the fantasy side of things.

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