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8 Ill-Fated Videogame Consoles

Ron Whitaker | 10 Sep 2015 15:30
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Consoles have been a part of the gaming industry since the 1970s, and almost everyone is familiar with them these days. But back in the nascent days of the console industry, there were plenty of devices that were developed, tested, and brought to market that just didn't work out. These eight ill-fated consoles prove that just releasing a console didn't guarantee success.

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3DO Interactive Multiplayer

Usually just called the "3DO," this console was actually the brainchild of EA founder Trip Hawkins. In fact, the 3DO wasn't a console made by the company - it was a set of specs licensed to third parties like Panasonic and Sanyo. Although it took much lower royalties than Sony and Nintendo (only asking $3 per game), the prohibitively high price of the console ($699 suggested retail at release) kept sales down. Although it was praised for its technology, the 3DO was discontinued in 1996.

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