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8 Things You Might Not Know About Nintendo

Ron Whitaker | 23 Sep 2015 15:00
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With Nintendo's birthday today, we thought it would be fun to find some interesting facts about the perennial fan-favorite company. After all, the third most-valuable company in Japan has been turning out hit video games for years, and even though the Wii U hasn't been as successful as they would have liked, they still have plenty of fans. Check out these eight facts, and see how many you already knew.

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The company is 126 years old today

You know that today is Nintendo's birthday, but did you know the company is 126 years old? Founded on Sept. 23, 1889 by Fusajiro Yamauchi in Kyoto, Japan, the company was originally called Nintendo Koppai, which translates to Nintendo Playing Card Co. Ltd. Why that name? Well, it's because....

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