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8 Critically Successful Games that Sold Poorly

Ron Whitaker | 5 Oct 2015 15:00
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Every year, there are plenty of games that garner good review scores. Typically, those games will also sell well and encounter some degree of financial success. That's not always the case, though. Sometimes a critically acclaimed game can struggle at retail for any of a number of reasons, like these eight games did.

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Jade Empire

Jade Empire was Bioware's first original IP. An RPG in the Wuxia style, the game takes place in imperial China. It released in April of 2005, and was widely praised by critics for its graphics, combat system, and good story. Unfortunately, it released toward the end of the Xbox era. With many looking forward to the 360, the sales didn't match up to the reviews. Despite repeated requests from fans, there has yet to be a sequel.

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