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8 Awesome Things New Gamers Will Never Get to Experience

Ron Whitaker | 12 Oct 2015 16:00
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Being a video gamer in today's world is, to put it mildly, kind of amazing. There are always tons of amazing games to check out, there are multiple great systems, and there's a huge community to interact with. But if you're an old-school gamer, you know that today's new gamers have missed out on some awesome things in our hobby's past. Not specific games or franchises, but just things that were different in the old days - like these eight examples.

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Cheat codes

Remember cheat codes? If you knew the right combination of buttons to press, you could unlock anything from upgraded weapons to lots of extra lives, and you didn't need to buy any DLC to do it. The most famous of these was the Konami Code (Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Start), which ended up not only in numerous Konami titles, but also becoming a gaming culture staple. Don't believe me? Enter it on your keyboard while on The Escapist and see what happens.

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