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8 Heart-Wrenching Videogame Moments

Ron Whitaker | 26 Oct 2015 15:00
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All forms of entertainment have the power to elicit powerful emotions from people. While you may not think of videogames as being prominent on that list, it actually happens more often than you think, and largely because of the attachment gamers develop to characters. These eight moments were some of the saddest we can remember in the world of videogames.

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NOTE: There will obviously be some spoilers ahead. Tread carefully.

Jenny's Death - The Darkness

In The Darkness, Jackie Estacado is trying to get back at his Uncle Paulie for trying to have Jackie killed. After Jackie does some serious damage to Paulie's business by killing off a dealer and burning down a warehouse full of money, Paulie retaliates by kidnapping Jackie's girlfriend. When Jackie shows up to try to free her, he is restrained by the Darkness and forced to watch as she is murdered. It's a powerful scene, and it leaves Jackie so distraught that he commits suicide, only to wake up in the Otherworld.

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