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8 Post-Apocalyptic Games to Tide You Over Until Fallout Launches

Ron Whitaker | 2 Nov 2015 15:00
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Fallout 4 will be here next week, but if you can't wait until then to get your post-apocalyptic fix, we've got you covered. All of these games may not follow a nuclear apocalypse, but the world is in bad shape in all of them. You'll find a mix of genres here as well, so find the game that sounds most appealing to you, and keep your yearning for Fallout at bay for one more week!

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Left 4 Dead series
Apocalyptic Event: Zombies!

Although zombie apocalypse games have become common, there are few that nail the feeling of desperation quite like the Left 4 Dead series does. You're one of four survivors who have banded together to try to survive long enough to reach safety. Wave upon wave of undead will bedevil you, and special infected will pounce on you, try to drag you away, or just pummel you into oblivion. If you can pump out enough bullets, you can get your small group through to the end.

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