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8 Criminally Underrated First Person Shooters

Ron Whitaker | 4 Dec 2015 16:45
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There are so many first person shooters that it's hard to play them all. Heck, sometimes it's hard to even see them all. With that being the case, it's inevitable that some of them will be overlooked. That's the case with these eight games. You may have played them, but our community doesn't think that they got the attention or respect that they deserved.

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Cold Winter
First mentioned by: Zykon TheLich

Cold Winter was a PS2 first-person shooter that cast you as a former SAS soldier that worked for MI6. After you were captured by the Chinese government and rescued by a fellow former SAS soldier, you end up working for a private security company to take out a stolen missile guidance system. The story is superb, and the presentation and gameplay are solid as well. It was a PS2 exclusive, but if you can lay hands on it, it's worth checking out.

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