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8 Single-player PC Games to Play Over the Holidays

Ron Whitaker | 18 Dec 2015 15:00
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The Witcher 1/2/3

If you've been as into The Witcher 3 as I have, but you're one of the people who didn't play the first two games, now's a great time to remedy that. They're inexpensive, and although the mechanics have changed substantially since the the first Witcher game hit the market, the games still have a ton of value both as RPGs and as story experiences. Sure, your laptop may not run The Witcher 3 on Ultra, but you should be able to play the first two games with relative ease. Fair warning - the combat in the first Witcher game is radically different than it is now, so be prepared. Still, if you're enjoying the end of Geralt's story, you should really see the rest of it.

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