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8 Terrible Ice and Snow Levels in Gaming History

Jonathan Bolding | 21 Jan 2016 15:45
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With ice and snow on the agenda for the Eastern United States, we've been thinking hard about why snow levels are often so very, very horrible. Sure, there's some exceptions, like Banjo-Kazooie's superb and Christmas-y Freezeezy world, but uh... some of these suck. The worst part? Like swamps and sewers, they always seem to make their way into the game.

Some of these are individual levels and some are entire games, but here's where ice and snow are made from fun game theme into a huge pain. Think there's worse ones out there? Let us know in the comments and forums.

Crysis' Snow Effects

Okay, not a strong start, but hear me out. The snow effects in this game were absolutely insane, capable of bringing top of the line PCs from the release year to a crippling halt. Dropped frames, textures failing to load right, overheating, you name it. As a result, the levels often looked... less than stellar. In a game that was all about graphics. Great job, Crysis!

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