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8 Fictional Planets You Should Never Visit

Marshall Lemon | 28 Jan 2016 15:45
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Many of our favorite stories - be they video games, movies, or comic books - are filled with fantastic worlds we'd love to visit. But fiction is also covered with planets that would warrant extreme travel warnings if they existed in our universe. Here are eight such worlds that are look exciting from a distance, but you'd never actually want to set foot on.

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dune sandworm


Dune's Arrakis is both a desert wasteland and the most valuable planet of an empire, since it's the only planet where civilization-fueling spice can be found. But unless you're here for spice, you shouldn't stick around. Not only is it almost impossible to find water, giant sandworms capable of swallowing buildings constantly traverse its surface. Your best bet for survival is to ally yourself with the Fremen, who are notoriously distrustful of outsiders. Unless you're tied to a prophecy as the Muad'Dib, just buy your spice elsewhere.

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