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8 More Franchises That Would Be Great Telltale Games

Marshall Lemon | 2 Feb 2016 15:40
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silent hill

Silent Hill

Okay, this one is a long shot given Konami's recent behavior with its properties. But Telltale has rarely explored horror, and Silent Hill would be a great place to start. You'd follow an original cast of deeply flawed characters who have become trapped by Silent Hill's fog and their own sins. Your protagonist must try to unite the NPCs to survive against the town's horrors - the better you do, the more who survive and escape with you in the final episode. Silent Hill has its own history of multiple endings, so Telltale adding a choice-based system wouldn't be a huge stretch.

Besides, it's not like Konami's doing much with Silent Hill right now. Maybe a Telltale game could be the surprise hit this series needs.

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