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8 More Franchises That Would Be Great Telltale Games

Marshall Lemon | 2 Feb 2016 15:40
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I absolutely adored Telltale's The Wolf Among Us, but now that Fables has concluded we shouldn't expect a sequel anytime soon. But the concept of a not-quite-human cop investigating vicious crimes has merit, and few match it like Robocop. Dialogue choices could let players switch between his robotic persona (which terrifies civilians, but gets results from criminals) and a figure struggling to maintain his humanity (which helps civilians trust you, but makes criminals think you're weak). You could even have a great quick-time event where Robocop's interface is hacked, removing his ability to make independent choices until it's resolved. On top of that, you choices will influence how civilians view the Detroit Police, which has great implications over the course of a season.

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