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7 Video Game Covers That Were Completely Insane

Marshall Lemon | 9 Feb 2016 15:00
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In our age of Steam sales and digital purchases, video game covers are quickly becoming a lost art. Which is a shame, because box art could be insanely hilarious and more entertaining than the games themselves. Here are seven classic gaming covers that prove industry artists might be a little nuts.

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donkey kong atari cover

Donkey Kong

We take for granted that classic video game protagonists are best represented as cartoon characters. For whatever reason, the Atari release of Donkey Kong took a more "realistic" approach - rendering Mario as a muscle-bound athlete and Donkey as a horrific, snarling beast. It's hilarious in retrospect, but just goes to show Mario and realism doesn't mix. If only someone had told the Super Mario Bros film production eleven years later.

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