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8 Biggest Flops In Superhero Video Games

Marshall Lemon | 11 Feb 2016 15:00
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Last week, we talked about some of the best superhero games ever produced. Sadly, there's a flip side to those stories: For every great comic book game, another would be a complete disaster thanks to rushed development or poor understanding of the source material. So in the interest of fairness, here are eight disappointing games even superheroes couldn't save us from.

Are there any titles we spared you from? Share them in the comments!

Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis

When it comes to poor superhero reputations, Aquaman just can't catch a break, and the disappointing video game certainly didn't help matters. In short, this was an underwater combat title that controlled about as well as having an actual underwater fistfight. Combine that with less-than-stellar graphics, and you'll probably agree watching Waterworld is more fun than playing this game.

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