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8 Anime That Would Make Great Video Games If Done Right

Marshall Lemon | 25 Feb 2016 15:00
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Yesterday we discussed several video games which deserved anime adaptations, but the reverse is equally appropriate. There are countless anime settings which crave a video game treatment - or already have games that didn't quite hit the mark. Here are eight favorites which we'd love a modern dev team to explore.

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Akira was the definitive anime experience for a generation, so making a modern video game might feel like sacrilege at best and challenging at worst. And I'd partially agree, if we're discussing the anime. The original manga, however, spends three volumes in a post-apocalyptic Neo Tokyo where multiple factions struggle to overthrow Tetsuo's seemingly unstoppable religious cult. That's potentially a fantastic setting for an open-world game where Kaneda navigates militant factions and his own changing friendship with Tetsuo, as opposed to the disappointing visual novel we actually got.

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