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8 Fictional Video Games We Wish Were Real

Steven Bogos | 7 Mar 2016 15:00
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There are a lot of "fictional" video games out there. No, I don't mean games that are based on fictional circumstances, but games that don't actually exist, and were invented either for a movie or TV show, or some kind of promotional stunt. The problem with this is that sometimes these fake games actually look really cool, and we would love to be able to get our hands on them!

Here are our top eight fictional video games.

Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online is an anime set in the near future, focusing on a bunch of kids who get "trapped" in a Virtual Reality game of the same name. The game uses "nerve gear" to simulate all five senses of the brain, giving players an absolutely flawless simulation. The only downside is the "Matrix" rule - if you die in Sword Art Online, you die for real.

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