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8 Disappointing Video Games Based On Popular TV Shows

Marshall Lemon | 3 Mar 2016 15:00
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We have countless cases of video games based on movies performing badly, or vice versa. What we don't talk about as much are titles based on successful TV shows - and we really should. Television productions have a strong track record of signing entire acting casts into gaming projects, only to be completely surprised when the actual gameplay fails to reach an audience at all. Most of these games were quickly forgotten - but we remembered. Here are eight notably disappointing examples.

Have any examples of terrible TV-to-game adaptations we missed - or cases which were actually great? Share them in the comments!

24: The Game

Overall, the 24 video game is a mixed bag for series fans. On the one hand, it actually captured certain stylistic aspects of the show's presentation quite well, and the voice acting was fairly strong. On the other, the gameplay largely fails to back that up in any way. Shooting sections relied on awkward controls, the enemy AI was overly predictable, vehicle chases were boring, and the visuals weren't anything to write home about either. It was probably the best 24 game we could've expected, but without a lot more polish it would've been better to just let the clock run out on this one.

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