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8 Awesome Fake Video Games From The Simpsons

Steven Bogos | 14 Mar 2016 21:00
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Last week, we talked about fictional video games we would love to play. While all of them were pretty sweet, one in particular stood out above the rest: Bonestorm, from The Simpsons. While Bonestorm is easily the most recognizable fake Simpsons game, the series has featured dozens of fake games in its decades-long run. Almost all of them exist as parodies of existing games, and usually just as a one-off joke. Here are our favorites:

Lee Carvello's Putting Challenge

We'll start with the other fake game from the Bonestorm episode. Marge, feeling bad for Bart, finally decides to buy him the game he has been pining for. The only problem is, as any gamer with a clueless mother walking into GameStop can sympathize with, she ends up buying the wrong game. Lee Carvello's Putting Challenge is a parody of golf games - the single most boring genre in the entire video game spectrum (sorry, golf fans!).

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