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8 Video Game Glitches Which Leave You Laughing

Marshall Lemon | 15 Mar 2016 15:50
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Video games will almost always have bugs, as history has proven time and time again. Yet in some cases, these glitches can be immensely entertaining, or at least prompt laughter where players never expected to find it. Here are eight video game glitches which stand out in hilarious ways, and will probably have some of you on the floor laughing.

Can you think of any perfectly funny game glitches we missed? Share them in the comments!

Shaun! - Heavy Rain

The climax to Heavy Rain was supposed to be a powerful sequence where Ethan finds his son Shaun and confronts a serial killer. But some players discovered a much better ending - one where the prompt to yell Shaun's name never disappears for long. You can shout "Shaun" during the villain's speech, during the final battle, and even while Ethan is off-screen nursing a nasty wound. It's far from what David Cage intended, but to me, this is the only canonical ending worth remembering.

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