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8 of the Coolest Items from Batman's Arsenal

Liz Finnegan | 18 Mar 2016 15:00
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Sure, Batman doesn't technically have any superpowers - but he also proves that you can be a brooding rich guy with absolutely no natural other-worldy abilities and still be a superhero! How does he do that? With a ridiculous amount of ridiculous gadgets, of course! Never at the disadvantage (ok, "never" is a lie, but work with me), Batman's greatest strengths are intrinsically tied to the vast arsenal of often random, usually helpful items that he just happens to have at his disposal. So here we are - 8 of Batman's coolest gadgets. Did we miss your favorite? That's what comment sections are for!


Explosive Gel

In Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, Batman had what was quite possibly the most useful item one could imagine - explosive gel. Without speculating on the scientific properties, this is actually a believable item for Batman to be in possession of - I can't even imagine how much time would have been saved on previous adventures if he could just blast his way through any wall bold enough to stand in his way.

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