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8 Joker Origin Stories DC Could Draw From

Marshall Lemon | 29 Mar 2016 15:00
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DC Comics recently announced it would be making some big changes to Joker's identity - specifically by giving him a canonical name and backstory for the first time. It's a risky move, considering much of Joker's appeal revolves around the mystery of his character. But to be fair, this has never stopped writers and artists from slipping Joker's origins into his stories. Here are eight possible Joker backstories that might (but probably won't) make their way into his official identity.

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batman first appearance

Dectective Comics #27

Joker's birth is arguably as old as Batman himself. In his debut 1939 comic book appearance, Batman faced Alfred Stryker, who was killing business partners to become sole owner of the Apex Chemical Corporation. During a struggle, Batman knocked Stryker through a railing and into a vat of acid, where he was seemingly killed. Of course, given how neatly acid fits into Joker's backstory, he could easily have been Stryker all along.

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