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8 Console Exclusives that We'd Like to See on PC

Jeff Mills | 29 Apr 2016 16:45
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We get it. Sometimes Developers would rather just put games on a console for a variety of reasons. But considering the PC market share is bigger than the consoles, one would think more effort would be in place to take advantage of this platform. Sadly, here's a list of games that we wish would have made it to the PC, but never did.


Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar made it quite obvious where they're loyalties lie when it came to their games. It almost seems as though the only reason they released the GTA games on PC was out of pity. No one outside of Rockstar really knows why they never decided to port this one over to the PC, but it's one of the games PC gamers will always have on their list of ports they want to see.

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