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8 of the Best Star Wars Games Ever Made

Jeff Mills | 4 May 2016 14:46
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dark forces

Dark Forces

Okay, we're going way back in time for this one, but if you talk to any older Star Wars fan, this will almost always be one of the games they list as their favorite/most influential. Star Wars: Dark Forces was a First-Person Shooter released for DOS (Disk Operating System for you younglings) and follows a mercenary named Kyle Katarn working for the Rebel Alliance. Playing as the mercenary, you shoot your way through an army of stormtroopers and other enemies while uncovering a secret imperial project meant to create the ultimate soldier called a "Dark Trooper". The best way to describe the combat style of Dark Forces would be Quake for Star Wars fans. Given we know how great of a game Quake was, that should properly describe exactly why this game is still loved by older fans.

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