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8 of the Best Video Game Soundtracks

Jeff Mills | 12 May 2016 16:40
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Video games aren't just entertainment, they're works of art. Like movies, a soundtrack can make a movie great or it can make it memorable. Here's a list of our favorite video game soundtracks.

Of course, everyone has their favorite soundtrack to a video game. Do you have one that's not listed? Please share them with us!

The Legend of Zelda (any of them)

This can be any Legend of Zelda title. Composed by legendary composer and Nintendo employee, Koji Kondo, the music is so unique and distinguished that folks from all ages can recognize the music as from this franchise. Winning numerous awards throughout the years, the soundtrack for The Legend of Zelda made this one of the most popular franchises in the gaming industry. Without it, I feel it would simply be another RPG.

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