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8 Reasons Why Rio May Have Been a Bad Choice For the Olympics

Jeff Mills | 4 Aug 2016 14:20
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'Don't put your head under water,' expert tells Rio athletes

That's going to be a bit of an issue, isn't it? When your water is so contaminated with human waste and other pollution that putting your head underwater can lead to viral infections and other illnesses, I guess it's going to be rather dangerous if you fall out of a boat during any of the water competitions.

The most contaminated points are the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, where Olympic rowing will take place, and the Gloria Marina, the starting point for the sailing races.

Sampling at the Lagoon in March 2015 revealed an astounding 1.73 billion adenoviruses per litre. By this June, adenovirus readings were lower but still hair-raising at 248 million adenoviruses per litre. By comparison, in California, viral readings in the thousands per litre set off alarm bells.

So it's either swim in this utterly polluted water or essentially nothing but chlorine? I feel for the athletes who will be in this water during their events. Let's not forget the odor that will no doubt emanate from the water as well.

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